FAQ Series: Planner or Coordinator? What is the difference?

Do you know what a planner’s main role is? Do you know the difference between a planner and a coordinator? Many brides don’t understand the difference between the titles of wedding professionals, so this post compares the roles of a planner, consultant, coordinator and designer.
What is the difference between a wedding ‘planner’, ‘consultant’, ‘coordinator’, and ‘designer’?


Wedding Planner & Wedding Consultant

These titles go hand-in-hand, and can be interchangeable. At LLWE we often refer to ourselves as planners, but our formal title is ‘Professional Wedding Consultant’. We’ve worked hard to educate ourselves, and the PWC title was well earned.

Your wedding planner is your fairy godmother, and your confidant. She consults and guides you during the entirety of the planning process. Her job starts the day that you tell her you’re interested, and it doesn’t end until she has her final meeting with you after the wedding and honeymoon have concluded.

The details, a bride’s nightmare, and a wedding planner’s dream. We just LOVE to talk & fantasize about the details. A wedding planner has mastered her role to organize schedules, create & manage timelines, and develop & manage budgets. It’s her expertise. A wedding planner has also developed relationships with vendors in the event & wedding industry. She has a selection of recommended florists, photographers, venues, stationers, and any vendor that you may need for your wedding.

A wedding planner will have personalized proposals or service packages to fit any couple’s needs. She will make sure that the services she provides to you are customized to your wedding. The role of a wedding planner is to secure all of the vendors prior to the wedding, and to finalize all the details so that they can coordinate the wedding day. Your wedding planner will meet with you on a monthly basis, and will give you unlimited access to contact them for advice and guidance.

In short, a wedding consultant or planner, plans, consults AND coordinates. She does everything you need her to do when it comes to your wedding. {and if you’re lucky to have an amazing wedding planner, she will be at your beck and call and will go above and beyond to make you happy}

Wedding Coordinator 

Most often, a coordinator sticks to coordinating the day of the wedding, and oftentimes, coordinates the rehearsal as well. Usually a coordinator is hired within 6 months of the wedding, and the bride has already finalized most of the details. The coordinator is responsible for carrying out the wedding timeline on the day of the wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly. They often oversee the setup of the ceremony & reception, and they oversee the vendors on your wedding day, so that you don’t have to. They trouble-shoot professionally if any issues come up and they help to make the overall outcome of your wedding day, a success.

A coordinator does not have anything to do with the budget, the planning tasks, or the selection/negotiation of your vendor team. Your coordinator will meet with you around 2-3 times before your wedding, not on a monthly basis. She will assist you with your timeline and will show up solely for your rehearsal and wedding day.

A wedding coordinator is most likely a planner though. Coordinators usually have packages from full-service planning to ‘day-of’ coordination. She’s experienced, and wants to provide coordination services to couples who have already planned the details and just need a coordinator to execute the plans for the wedding day.

If you were to ask a bride if a coordinator is beneficial, she would tell you that it saved her from the stress and worry that every bride experiences. A coordinator knows what they are doing, is working for you to create a beautiful and memorable day, and knows that your trust is her #1 priority to making your wedding day dreams come true.

Wedding Designer 

We touched this subject in an earlier post, but we don’t mind discussing it again. Think of your event designer as your interior decorator for your wedding. They will work with you to develop your wedding theme with colors and style. They oftentimes have rentals of their own, or they work solely with a rental company that they are familiar with. They take care of the linens and fabrics, furniture, staging, and sometimes even lighting. They design to create an absolutely perfect effect for your wedding.

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