FAQ Series: Event Rentals & Design

We’ve been asked on many occasions, since we began providing our planning services to wedding & event clients. We realized that we should probably let our readers and prospective clients know more about us, and that maybe the title “Wedding Planner” is broad to anyone who is not in the wedding industry. So I put together an array of FAQ’s on our website, and decided to share them on our blog as well!


Today’s FAQ Topic: Event Rentals & Design

FAQ: Does LoveLee Weddings provide any rentals?

We as wedding planners do not actually provide any type of rentals of any kind, including linens. We stick to the consulting, planning, and coordinating, and suggest to our clients that they hire decor professionals, such as event designers, who have experience in interior design, etc.  

We love to work with each couple to develop their wedding vision and design. However, we don’t execute the decor ourselves. Our sole priority during the week of the wedding is the bride & groom, with the timeline coming in a vital second. We manage the vendors during the wedding to make sure that the decor is set up properly, and that the overall vision for the wedding is a success. We create a theme with each couple (if they haven’t taken care of that themselves) and then we talk about the design and execution of the theme.

Decor professionals such as interior designers, are a beneficial component of the wedding planning process. These experts specialize in design, just like we focus on the planning, consulting and coordination of each wedding. Designers work very close with you to design the wedding, and they often have a rental business that they work with solely for events. Very often, designers own their own rentals, or rental company. This way the designer has full access to their entire inventory, and create a wedding design without having to deal with other vendors.

FAQ: Why would I need a planner, if I hire a designer?

A designer will not:

  • Create a timeline
  • Keep the couple on task during planning with calendars and lists
  • Manage vendors during planning and on the day of the wedding
  • Coordinate rehearsal
  • Coordinate the wedding day
  • Guide you during planning when it comes to things other than design
  • Consult you on budget management
  • Review vendor contracts

Needless to say, a designer focuses on the design of the wedding, especially the decor.

FAQ: Do I NEED a wedding designer?

No. A designer is not essential during wedding planning. LoveLee Weddings & Events can assist you along the way on developing and managing the wedding design & theme. We just can’t provide you with rentals. However, we have several recommended rental vendors that we suggest to all of our couples. We have worked with these vendors on many events, and we have been thoroughly impressed with their quality of work, and their professionalism.

Stick around for our other FAQ’s this week!

Up Next: What is a wedding planner?


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