Officially Certified!!!


I, Amber M. Lee, am a CERTIFIED Professional Wedding Consultant!

After 6 enduring months of testing, studying, and learning, I finalized my project of 150 pages of wedding planning, and sent it in.

During the last 2 months, I have been very impatient waiting to get my results back. I passed with flying colors. 93% in fact. I’m amazed at how hard I was able to work on this, and how capable I am of learning new content.

I am SO blessed to have accomplished this! Becoming a wedding planner is no easy task, and I have proof! Many tears, were shed along with sweat and a little blood (from paper cuts, and blisters). But overall, it was totally worth it!

Know of anyone that is engaged or planning their wedding? Send them my way. I work with ANY budget, ANY where, and ANY date that I have available!

Here are some pics of me with my certificate!


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