Pin Your Wedding Wednesday Series

Here at LLWE we LOVE  PINTEREST!  We’re starting a new series on our blog today: Pin Your Wedding Wednesday!

With the internet today, wedding planning ideas are endless, especially with an effortless and useful website called Pinterest!

Most of the world has tuned in to the this amazing tool that is now offered to anyone that has internet access. Over a year ago, when I first started ‘pinning’, it was protocol to have an invitation in order to access the site. Now, anyone and their uncle are on Pinterest, and ‘pinaholics’ is a real term that is used for people who love to spend their time pinning images and videos! That would include myself!

As a wedding planner, Pinterest has become an exceptional tool for myself and Brides across the world. Images from invitations to decor and reception dinners to bouquets are being planned through the site. If you haven’t joined the wonderful land of Pinterest, please do, you’re genuinely missing out on so many creative ways to benefit your life!

I’ve pinned over five thousand pins in one year, and around two thousand of those are wedding ideas.  Good news is, LoveLee Brides can have adjoined boards with their planner, and can express their ideas and visions via pinterest with one simple click!

Brides can now take their smart phones with them to vendor meetings and show their baker the exact cake that they’ve been dreaming of for their wedding day. Florists now have an advantage to accurately create stunning bouquets and boutonnieres for their clients. Brides today are improving the wedding industry, one pin at a time, and it’s remarkable!

But then again, it is all about the Bride!!!!

If you’re already a ‘pinaholic’, then head on over to the LoveLee Boards and see what pins can help you along your wedding process. Below are a few of my favorites!

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Comment below with your Pinterest username and we’ll follow you! You can always find us on Pinterest! @LoveLeeWeddings


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