DIY Bridal ‘BOW’quet Project

I’ve been asked, on several occasions about the Southern tradition of the ‘bow’quet for the bride to carry during her rehearsal.

When I was planning my wedding, and married, I hadn’t heard about it. I first learned about it this past March, when my first Bride, Alli Lott, carried one during her rehearsal. I further researched it, and was immediately taken in by the tradition and love that it carried. I was unfortunate to not have one myself when getting married last year, but I have had the privilege of making one for a bride recently, and it filled the void I had by not having one during my own rehearsal.

I was privileged with the opportunity to collect all of the bows and ribbons from Lauren’s Bridal Showers from the months leading up to her wedding. I was her ‘volunteer’ wedding consultant, and helped her on her journey to becoming a Mrs., and I wanted to do something extra special for her, since I love her so much!

I do have to say it was quite a bit of bows and ribbons. Colors, patterns and materials of all sorts. The most abundant was the Bed Bath & Beyond purple satin ribbon. Lauren’s wedding colors were navy blue, and candy apple green, and most of the ribbons did not coordinate with the wedding colors. Luckily there were a few greens and blues and I tried to make those the focal point for the ‘bow’quet. I used a paper plate as the starting point for the bows/ribbons, and a paper towel roll for the base, wrapped in white tulle ribbon, so she could hold it. She had some faux floral products on a gift, so I used those in the middle, and took all of the bows and hot glued them to the plate. The ribbons were strung through the plate and tied into bows and hot glued to stay in place. I did quite a bit of ribbon stuffing to make it full and plump. The back of the ‘bow’quet was made with mostly the BBB purple satin ribbons. I simply bunched them and hot glued them. I did make a few rosettes from the BBB ribbon, but they kept falling apart. So I only used a few rosettes and glued them on. Every single ribbon she was gifted with, was used. Nothing went to waste, and nothing was trashed. The only outside materials I used was a paper plate, a paper towel roll, hot glue, and staples.

I didn’t take pictures along the way. It was a learning process, but I did take pictures of the finished product! Check out my mad ‘bow’quet making skills.


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