Must Have Tips for Engaged Brides {part 2}

Ah yes, more tips indeed! Last week I wrote the first part of the *Must Have Tips* for Engaged Brides Series, and today I’ve expanded to another 5 tips.

These are all tips that I’ve told to past & present brides, and we’ve discussed areas of wedding planning that they wish they had known more of.  They’re all comprised to help brides out.

6. Plan a Honeymoon

Even if it’s only for one night. A lot of couples are ditching the honeymoon for financial reasons. I get it, honeymoons, and vacations, are expensive. No worries, though, seriously. The night of your wedding, get a room at a bed & breakfast, or hotel. Spend the night somewhere special together. The next morning, say a brief ‘see ya later’ to your loved ones during brunch, and go somewhere adventurous nearby. The beach, the mountains, the forest, whatever floats your boat. Go see a movie, go get lunch or dinner as a  m.a.r.r.i.e.d. couple! Go enjoy your first day of marriage together. Take some time to soak up the previous day’s celebration and relax together. It will be a day(s) that you’ll remember along with your wedding day.

7. The Wedding Guests should be YOUR guests

The Guest List is one sticky situation. Invite your friends and family first and foremost, and talk to your parents about who they’d like to include too. Tell them that you have limitations on their guests though. You don’t want to be celebrating and dancing the night away with strangers. Make sure that they understand that it is your wedding, and to have a business friend from 10 years ago will be pointless to you and your fiance, and the meaning of your wedding. Be nice about it though! Everyone has a budget and every venue has a maximum capacity. Keep those in mind when developing your guest list. My rule of thumb: If in doubt, keep them out.

8. Have fun with your Registry

Registering for gifts is tradition. But that doesn’t mean it has to include traditional  items, have fun with your registry. If there is a special store that you and your hunny shop at frequently, or it has the items you really need, then create a registry with them. If you really don’t need or want an item, don’t put it on your registry. Also, don’t try to fit everything you want on the registries. Repeating similar items will also lead you to having 5 frying pans, and 3 crockpots. So choose your registry wisely, and spend a good amount of time establishing it. Then check back 2 or 3 times, add a few items, but after your showers & parties have occurred, leave it be. Incessantly reviewing your registry and adding items to it will do no good. You will constantly be changing your home décor over your years of marriage. This won’t be the only items you get either. A lot of guests will leave gift cards,  money, and items that may not have been on your registry. So after the wedding is all said and done, you’ll have some time to go through your home and determine the things you need.

9. Get a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is insane stuff. It’s no joke that 99.9% of brides never regret hiring a wedding planner. If you want a wedding planner, hire one. Don’t let others change your mind. If you think you won’t need one, think about the benefits they offer. A wedding planner is NOT a frivolous expense that only celebrities and high class socialites hire. There is a wedding planner out there for every type of budget, and every style of wedding. If you just want someone to help you with the most stressful bits of your wedding like your timeline, itineraries, budget, etc, then hire a planner for those things. The wedding planner faux pas is that they take over your wedding, they’re controlling, and they’re expensive. A wedding planner will expand your vision and execute it precisely the way YOU dream of it.  She won’t make your decisions for you, and she won’t tell you what decisions to make. She’ll advise you to stick to your gut and your vision. And lastly, hiring a wedding planner is an investment. They’re value and quality of service is priceless, because she will be your hero on your wedding day. She is hired to be at YOUR beck- and-call during the planning process. She caters to you, and you only!

10. Let someone else tackle your showers and pre-wedding parties

You have family and friends for a reason. They all love you and would work wonders for you. If anyone is willing to plan and host a shower or bachelorette party, let them. Express your ideas that you’ve dreamt about, and let them know how important it is that they listen to your visions. Give them the guest list, and then let them handle the rest. Yes, it’s your party, but you shouldn’t plan it, you should just show up, and have a good time! Controlling these situations will just stress you out even more, so let it go!

If you haven’t already, visit the first 5 tips of part 1.


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