Wedding Expo Tips for Brides

Back in March we served as an exhibitor at the Wharton County Bridal Bliss, and noticed some issues that Brides were having when they came to our booth…

I read this article the other day and wanted to relay to brides who will be attending them in the future this summer! GREAT tips that I wish I knew when going to shows! Keep YOUR wedding in mind when attending these expos!


Here are some tips for engaged couples who will be attending any bridal fair, expo, extravaganza, etc.

Tips when attending the show:

We can’t stress enough on the following tips we will provide you when visiting the Bridal Extravaganza (and any other bridal trade show)! Be sure to follow these tips to ensure a pleasant and relaxing experience!

  • Be sure you have at least three (3) hours, minimum, to spare when visiting the show.
  • It makes your experience much simpler having goals in mind. For example, if all you need is a cake vendor, a florist, a DJ or a photographer, then focus on those booths and don’t accept promotional items for other vendors you don’t need. (This will decrease your “baggage”!)
  • Be sure to prepare pre-printed labels, maybe 3 sheets worth, with the following information:
  • Only distribute your labels to those vendors you ARE interested in. Don’t be afraid to say “No” to a vendor who insists you give them a label. It is YOUR choice, not theirs, so if you don’t want to provide a label, then don’t! 🙂
  • Please wear comfortable shoes for plenty of walking and standing
  • Bring some snacks or prepare to pay for food in cash. Some food vendors don’t offer credit card purchases.
  • Don’t bring in too many people with you; sadly not everyone is into your wedding! 🙂 We usually recommend you have either your parents (mom), your fiance (if he’s a willing participant for the show) and your maid of honor or willing bridesmaids.
  • If the fiance isn’t into the wedding planning, don’t force him to go, as it will only make for a long and miserable time. (As vendors, we’ve witnessed plenty of bored and upset grooms to be, who’d rather just not be there). In the end, it makes for a not so pleasant experience. Worst, your groom will be rushing you! 🙂
  • If you are unsure of what services you need, use Saturday as your “window shopping day”, review the important vendors that night and go back on Sunday to “close the deal” or “set up consultations”.
  • Take a backpack or a tote bag to use for your preferred vendor promotional items. Don’t just grab a flyer/pamphlet because it was handed to you. If you’re not interested in the company, don’t take the flyer/pamphlet! Remember, it only adds unnecessary weight. 😉



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